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Exam Blueprint

The CPNRE Blueprint outlines the content tested on the national exam. For the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination, the content consists of the competencies that an entry-level practical nurse is required to possess in order to practise safely and effectively in a Canadian healthcare setting.

Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination Blueprint 2017-2021 1

The CPNRE Blueprint contains the following important information:

  • The complete list of CPNRE competencies that candidates will be tested on
  • A description of the three competency categories which make up the Competency Framework:

    • Professional, ethical and legal practice
    • Foundations of practice
    • Collaborative practice

  • The number of competencies in each competency category
  • The percentage of exam questions from each competency category
  • A description of the three cognitive levels that the exam questions are testing:

    • Knowledge/Comprehension
    • Application
    • Critical Thinking

  • The distribution of questions by cognitive level
  • The exam length and format
  • How questions are presented on the exam
  • How the pass mark is set
  • A glossary of terms

1 The contact information for the regulatory authorities in the CPNRE Blueprint may not be up-to-date. For the most current contact information, please go to the regulatory authority website.

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