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Canada’s leader in professional high-stakes testing.

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At Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS), the latest developments in computer and web technology meet leading psychometric expertise to deliver rigorous and creative high-stakes testing solutions.

Our purpose

We help people achieve their dreams.

At YAS, we aim to build a safe, secure and successful world, one learner at a time. In our cities and neighbourhoods, on job sites around the world, millions of people serve the public. In industries that affect us all – finance, insurance, engineering, safety, healthcare – a learner’s competence can mean the difference between certainty and disaster.

You assume professionals are ready to perform their jobs safely and confidently. But do you ever really think about how they get there?

We do.

Where we are now

  • 100+employees
  • 400+testing centres
  • offices across Canada
  • learners
  • 20+awards

Our approach

An industry-renowned combination of rigour, urgency and personality.

So much depends on how well the people in our most vital industries are trained and tested. It matters to them, too. They’re not just more qualified. They’re more confident about their skills and knowledge, more likely to succeed in their achieving their dreams.

We build everything at YAS with candidate success, and psychometric rigour, in mind. We power our online exams with precision and science. We create and deliver them with openness, professionalism, and leading customer service.