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What the Prep Guide Contains

The CPNRE Prep Guide contains:

  • Background on the CPNRE;
  • Exam preparation and test-taking strategies for answering multiple-choice questions;
  • A full-length Practice Test containing 165 multiple-choice questions. The questions on the Practice Test have been used on previous administrations of the CPNRE and were created using the same examination development methods;
  • An answer key to the Practice Test;
  • One (1) assessment code allowing you to login to the online Practice Test for ten (10) uses and access to your Performance Profile upon completion of the test;
  • Rationales are provided to explain why the options are correct or incorrect for each question on the Practice Test. These rationales emphasize nursing concepts and principles that are essential for entry-level practical nurses;
  • Two references for each question on the Practice Test. Most of these references have been published within the past five years. The purpose of the references is twofold: (1) to indicate that the correct answer within each question has authoritative support from at least two experts in the field; and (2) to provide you with a source for further reading and review;
  • A bibliography that lists all of the references cited in the question rationales; and
  • A list of common abbreviations that appear on the CPNRE.
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