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The CPNRE Predictor Test is most useful when taken under test-like conditions. You should adhere to the time limit of two (2) hours and not use any notes or textbooks when taking the test. The prediction of readiness to take the CPNRE will only be meaningful and useful if you follow these instructions and complete the CPNRE Predictor Test without any assistance.

What you get when you purchase the CPNRE Predictor Test:

  • One (1) assessment code allowing you to login to the CPNRE Predictor Test. Once you have logged into the test, you must complete the test within the specified two-hour timeframe;
  • A Performance Profile will be available once you have completed the CPNRE Predictor Test; and
  • How-To Guide for Taking the CPNRE Predictor Test.

To purchase the CPNRE Predictor Test: Purchase

Following your purchase, you will receive an email with an assessment code which is needed to login to the test. You will receive another email with a link to the How-To Guide. It is suggested that you read the How-To Guide before you login to the test.

If you have purchased the CPNRE Predictor Test and are ready to take the test: Test

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