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Format of the Test

The CPNRE Predictor Test is a two-hour online test, consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions matching the Blueprint for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

  • Each question on the test, whether in the case or independent format, contains a stem and four options. The stem is typically made up of one to three sentences that provide relevant information and the specific practical nursing question that is being asked. The options are the possible answers to the question asked. Of the four options, one is the correct answer and the remaining three are incorrect options;
  • The CPNRE Predictor Test is available in English and French. You can select the language when you start the test and you can switch between languages while taking the test;
  • You must complete the test within the specified two-hour timeframe; and
  • Once you have completed the CPNRE Predictor Test and submitted your answers, you will have access to your test results, in the form of a Performance Profile. The Performance Profile will be available to download and save in PDF format.

The Performance Profile provides the following:

  • Your score on the CPNRE Predictor Test;
  • Your probability of passing the CPNRE; and
  • Your score in each of the competency categories, cognitive levels and client age categories tested by the CPNRE. This allows you to determine in which areas you need to focus your studying.

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