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Consequences of Cheating

The consequences of cheating or behaviour that is viewed as suspicious can be serious and may include:

  1. Being given a fail result on the exam. This counts towards the limited number of times that you can write the exam.
  2. Having a complaint filed against you.
  3. Being denied entry into the practical nursing profession by the regulatory authority; and
  4. Having a civil lawsuit filed against you.

Reporting Cheating

While you have a responsibility to be ethical, you also have an obligation to report unethical behaviour. In fact, some standards of practice and ethical codes require that professionals report unethical behaviour, which would include cheating or cheating schemes. In the exam process, this might include:

  1. Reporting someone who has requested that you disclose the content of exam questions to them after you write the CPNRE; and
  2. Reporting someone who has written the CPNRE and is now offering to share confidential information on exam questions with you.
If you suspect cheating, please contact the Cheating Hotline by phone toll-free at:

You can also e-mail at:

Cheating includes sharing, copying, publishing or providing to anyone exam questions or answers by any means, including in person, telephone, electronically or digitally. Cheating also includes giving a summary or recollection of a question to someone else by any means.

All calls and emails will be handled discreetly and confidentially.

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